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In this fast-paced digital age, it is extremely beneficial to detach from time to time and immerse oneself in the fine therapeutic art of colouring. Colouring is quickly growing in popularity amongst adults and for good reason - there are multiple benefits from reducing stress and anxiety to even improving sleep. Ever wonder why you were much less stressed as a child? Colouring also engages both hemispheres of the brain. During this activity, you are exercising logic to stay between the lines and also exercising your creativity when choosing matching colours. With our exciting range of colouring canvases, you can now display your coloured in masterpiece for all to see! There is no need to purchase specialised paint, all you need is some coloured markers to achieve a vibrant streak-free finish. Each canvas is supported by a strong wooden frame that can either be hung on a wall or proudly displayed on a flat surface. There are four different canvas sizes to choose from: 20x30cm 25x38cm 30x45cm 40x60cm Our colouring canvases are also a great budget gift for a loved one with that added personal touch. Ready to start colouring your stresses away? Order your canvas today!
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