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Sequin Cushion Covers

With our sequin cushion cover range, the slightest caress is all it takes to make your customised design magically appear. Sequins create a silvery sparkle that completely covers your entire cushion. At first glance, your cushion might appear to be a standard sparkly one, but once handled, as each sequin folds over, your design is slowly revealed. Have a friend with fidgety hands? A custom sequin cushion cover might be the best gift they will ever receive. They’ll be caressing their cushion all day! The design process is super easy: Simply input your name or personalised message in the dedicated text fields of our online designer, and you’re done. It only takes a few seconds! You can even customise the font and colour of your text. These also make a great house-warming gift that will be used time and time again. Ready to create your personalised cushion cover? Start designing today!
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