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Back Packs

If your little one didn’t already look cute enough while wearing a backpack, wearing one with their name printed on it will have you squishing their cheeks for hours. These aren’t of course just limited to children, with your name printed on your backpack you will never have any issues identifying your bag amongst the many others after a busy yoga session. Each backpack is embroidered with the highest level of precision and attention to detail to ensure that all names are both clearly readable and resilient to damage. Customising your backpack is super easy: Simply input your name in the dedicated fields of our online designer and you’re done. The name text field permits a generous 12 characters of text to easily accommodate most names. You can even choose your own font style and the colour of your backpack. Each of our backpacks come with reinforced stitching around all the high-stress points which should keep them intact throughout all modes of play. Make your child feel special with their own personalised backpack. Start designing today!
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